Tips for Video Ads Publishers

For the past years, mobile ads publisher has bombarded the marketing field. Both marketers and advertisers are flocking to videos online to get rid with banner advertisement which slowly lost effectiveness as well as decreasing TV audiences. Advertising industry totally embraced online advertising at last. This has been shown by the constant increase of advertisers turning to online advertisement as an alternative to the traditional one. But what does this indicates to publishers? Definitely, the pie will surely get bigger. The question is "Are publishers primed enough to cut themselves a huge portion? So, what are the available video ads options for publishers? Read on this article to understand more about video ads publisher.

Do-It-Yourself Approach: Sell Video Advertising of your own

It means you need to use engaging content in order to build a quality, strong audience. You must also manage the financial and technical system involved in inventory selling. You have to sell n ad space of your own, the good thing is that you will receive all the profits produced from an ad activity. This means you have full hold on your generated ad revenue, have total control over the ads serve and content on your site and you have the freedom to negotiate your CPM with the advertisers.

The downside of this is you have to dedicate full time to your job, and may even miss out advertisers of big brands because you have limited access. You also have responsibility to guarantee purchase of an audience.

To begin with this approach, you only need to have a video content, video player, access to some advertisers and technical ability and knowledge to serve ads.

Who can use Does Do-It-Yourself Approach?

If you are in a vertical niche and wants to serve audience quality content, then this option is best for you. This gives you the privilege to decide what videos will best resound with your target audience and sell ads space on their back. Through this approach, you will be able to know what advertisers you need to target and give them assurance of conversion and awareness. This may also be a money-making gig depending on the quality of your content, engagement of the audience, and the strength of your sale strategy

Generally, you will get higher CPM once you have more niche vertical. For example, motoring sites of high quality usually enjoy high CPM with an advertiser bidding the rate of driving up. Let us say that your motoring website gets around 3,000-4,000 impression in a day. You can assume that visitors will be attentive or interested with the information related to what you are offering. To make them engage and even attract more, you invest on high quality content on launches, test drives, motorsports, reviews and motor shows. You will now have idea of the brands that might advertise on your website and so you are in position to approach advertisers and set your standard advertising prices.

Who can't use Do-It-Yourself Approach?

This doesn't really mean a publisher can't use it, it is just that it might not just work. For publishers who don't have enough time and resources to develop a quality content or ad sales infrastructure or their own, this may not be an ideal choice. If you can't do those that are stated above, then probably this won't fit you.

Video Advertising Syndication

Basically, this means you embed a certain widget on your website and you are fed adverts and contents which fits your vertical. Most often, you can acquire content without served ads. Typically, you will receive a portion of generated profit because you are signed up for a certain revenue shared monetization model.

The good thing with this is that it quickly provides video content, it can expand audience even without initial investment which eliminates risk factors. However, you will just have little control on the advertisement serve or the content and receive smaller amount of profit, and don't have any control on the branding.

Who can use advertisement syndication?

This option dominates the current marketplace since it needs fewer resources in maintaining and implementing and is the least risky option. Where does it work? For instance, a new website is looking for way of establishing themselves. You will quickly need a video content and monetization framework which you can directly plug in without any disruptions such as proving your worthiness through the quantity of impression you can provide. Embedded widget serve as an aid for building audience quickly and preparing you for other possible options.

Who cannot use advertisement syndication work?

Websites that either operate on a niche vertical or have huge amount of impression to be served, can't expect a great result with syndication. This provides little control on the ads and content being delivered to your audience and it can be tricky to get the best possible deal for your CPM. Your audiences will less likely to receive your preferred content and the probability is the stream you receive is being syndicated to even thousands of other publishers of the same vertical as yours which makes it more difficult to differentiate your offer. This will not guarantee quality audience that is really willing to purchase nor maximize your revenue, and you will never own the served content.

Video Ad Network

This essentially matches advertisers of brands who wish to advertise within your vertical. You can either give either all or just some of the ad space you have to the ad network and will be sold on a CPM that is commonly agreed upon. You can still control the video content that you display and greater control on the ads you served. The options here acquire a little upfront investment in producing and purchasing the video content of your own. This is somehow more profitable, easier to implement, flexible, and gives you control over the player and branding. However, you need constant content refreshment.

To begin with this, you just need a video content, video player and an ad content. This suit publishers who can go along with the stated conditions and works not with those who don't. Video ads Publisher are a great way to generate more revenue. Start getting the best out of video ads for publishers through trying out the above approaches.